Quarantine Essentials

1. Ipad: I can communicate with my friends on computer applications such as Facetime and Roblox.

2. Cloud slime: When I’m stressed or need some time to brainstorm,  I stretch, poke and squeeze it.

3. Doll: Dolls are used in my mini Shopkins mall. I use the dolls to roleplay and pretend play.

4. Mask: When I am outside of my home, I always make sure to wear a mask to protect my face from germs.

5. Acer: I use my Acer to Zoom with all my classmates and my teacher twice a day. I also use this nifty little device to complete all of my schoolwork.

6. Markers: When I have free time I draw pictures like beautiful colorful butterflies, shopkins, and cute girly characters. Drawing helps me relax.

7. Book: I really enjoy reading and using my imagination to visualize the characters and settings in the books.

8. Ouija Board: Oooh this is so scary. With this game you can ask questions to ghosts and have them spell out the answers for you. Do you think they are real?!

9. Beads: So many beads! You can use various shapes, like hearts, stars, and circles, to create really cool pieces of art with any colors you want.

10. Microphone: Nothing is more fun than twirling around your room while singing and dancing to your favorite songs!

11. Snorkel: When I am swimming in my pool, I like to go underwater and breath out of my mouth from this super stylish snorkel.

12. Puppy: When I’m lonely, my puppy, Archie, is always here to play and cuddle with me. He’s so cute.


What are some of your essentials?

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